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Welcome to the Alexandra Hills State School website.

At Alexandra Hills State School, we have the opportunity to guide children through the early formal years of their education. At Alexandra Hills State School, we have a culture of high expectations with no excuses.  We believe that every child can achieve their personal best and we are committed to providing the best educational opportunities for all.

At Alexandra Hills State School, we develop responsible and confident individuals who demonstrate the school ethos of courtesy and courage.    We are committed to fostering a community of learners and to providing an academic curriculum that develops a broad knowledge base while promoting the skills of critical and creative thinking.   We value the individual differences, skills and abilities of all our students and in doing so we are able to enhance the educational   opportunities and outcomes for each student.

Alexandra Hills State School constantly seeks improvement and aims to provide a blend of explicit teaching of foundation skills with innovative methods which embrace newly emerging knowledge about learning. Alexandra Hills State School provides a learning environment which promotes physical, emotional, personal and   social development as well as intellectual growth.    We aim to make your child’s years at Alexandra Hills State School enjoyable, stimulating and academically rewarding.

Please make an appointment to see me so that I can personally take you for a tour of the school and talk in greater detail about the innovative programs being offered at Alexandra Hills State School.  I hope that I am able to welcome your child into our school community so that we can share in the excitement of learning and play an active role in shaping their future.


Wayne Fletcher
Alexandra Hills State School



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