Behaviour Management Specialist

At Alexandra Hills State School, we have an outstanding Behaviour Advisory Teacher who is on site two days a week.  Our Behaviour Advisory Teacher is an experienced classroom teacher who has specialised knowledge about student behaviour.  Her main role is to support school staff in enabling students to access and participate in the curriculum.

Our Behaviour Advisory Teacher provides services such as:

  • Assisting teachers with the curriculum adjustments and delivery of educational programs that target a student’s learning goals
  • Helping teachers and families to access support networks
  • Providing professional development activities to school personnel.

Our Behaviour Advisory Teacher may:

  • Work as a member of the educational team within an inclusive environment
  • Provide professional development activities to members of the school community
  • Assist with the implementation of departmental policies and initiatives
  • Participate in educational planning such as assisting with making educational adjustments to support student’s educational outcomes
  • Provide program advice
  • Provide information on and model strategies for teaching and learning for students with behaviour concerns
  • Assist education staff and families to access support networks.





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