Every child should learn the fundamentals behind the technology that is shaping their future. At Alexandra Hills State School, we are helping students to engage with 21st century learning. 

This Semester, ScopeIT commenced an exciting new initiative at Alexandra Hills State School, which will see all Year 3-6 students introduced to the exciting world of digital literacy.  ScopeIT provide state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained facilitators, exposing students to everything from coding, app development, website design right through to 3-D printing and robotics.

In 2016, all students in Year 3-6 will be introduced to the basic elements of computer science and coding.  Students will learn how to interpret code, fix code and create code..

In 2017, the program will be implemented for every child from Prep to Year 6; with ScopeIT providing tuition each term ensuring every student has access to the appropriate level of education and skill development pathway for their age.  It is a very exciting initiative, which will ensure our students are developing an essential skillset, which will set them up for a very exciting future.



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