Guidance Officer

The Guidance Officer is available at Alexandra Hills State School by appointment. Students are also referred to the GO via the Student Provisions Committee (SPC). The role is to provide guidance and counselling services to support students, teachers and parents. This may include individual and group counselling; psycho-educational assessment, careers advice, and providing support for student’s educational and personal welfare. The Guidance Officer is able to provide advice, and assist in areas such as learning difficulties, emotional problems such as anxiety or depression, suicide, grief, separation or divorce, behavioural problems, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Teachers may refer a student for educational support by completing a Student Referral Form, available at the Alexandra Hills State School OnePortal site. A Parent Permission Form is also usually required, particularly for primary students. An appointment slip is given to the student to have signed by the class teacher to acknowledge that the appointment time is acceptable. The slip will be returned to the student at the end of the appointment and should be shown to the class teacher at the time of re-entry to class.



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