ICT at Alexandra Hills SS


2014 will see a continued focus on Information and Computer Technology. 2013 saw a significant monetary injection into the area to upgrade equipment to provide state-of-the-art facilities, enabling the school to deliver an inspired and current ICT curriculum. All staff members are actively developing innovative units of work which incorporate information and computer technology. These units incorporate higher order thinking skills across key learning areas.

Information Communication Technologies encompass a variety of hardware e.g. computers, digital still & video cameras, scanners, projectors, iPod touches, iPADS and interactive whiteboards that support infrastructure such as a school network and online resources e.g. Internet.  Interactivity with ICT is an important component of our school’s teaching and learning. Each year we commit to purchasing additional resources to the school environment that will support and encourage classroom innovation and experimentation with ICT.

Computers are utilised as a teaching tool across key learning areas as opposed to a stand-alone subject. Each classroom is equipped with interactive whiteboards which are utilised as a valuable teaching/modelling tool. The boards promote interactivity and creativity. Each classroom has at least three networked computers, the middle and upper classes have a maximum of 6 computers. All classes have access to a computer lab which enables every student 1:1 access and a pod of laptops in the library, all of which are wireless enabled.
A range of programs are available as needed to support curriculum needs. Teachers are regularly provided in-service opportunities to build on their knowledge and to be introduced to innovative new programs.


All computers are Internet connected and each student has email access under teacher guidance.  Usage of the Internet has been given a high priority as a communication and information tool.  Significant accountability also rests with this area.

Students and parents are required to sign a ‘Computer Access Agreement’ that incorporates the use of Internet and Email each year. Misuse or infringements can result in withdrawal of access. Student usage is only with teacher permission and for school purposes.




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