Lizard Lounge

Through our School Based Chaplain, Alexandra Hills State School has established a Lizard Lounge.  This concept is based on a program developed at Darley School in Western Victoria where they noticed the upper primary boys were disengaging from their school and there was an escalation of inappropriate behaviours.

At Alexandra Hills State School, we have established a Lizard Lounge to target disengaged students presenting with significant anti-social or behavioural issues.  It is designed to teach students responsibility, resilience and self-management techniques.  As was enacted at Darley School, students will study to qualify as a reptile carer and take on the care of a lizard, snake, turtle or other creature. This will be done outside of the classroom, in their own time (lunch hours, before and after school).  The setting is a calming room, where students can focus on caring for a nominated reptile under close supervision.  Student will also be responsible for learning about nominated reptiles and taking on an educator’s role.

This is an exciting initivive for the school, which achieves positive outcomes for the identified students at Alexandra Hills State School.








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