All students participate in in school Physical Education lessons once a week, provided by our specialist HPE teacher.

Students in Years 1-3 participate in school based sport. Students in Years 4-7 are eligible to
participate in both school and district based sport.


All students attend swimming classes three times a week for approximately four weeks in Term 4. These classes are part of the school’s Physical Education program.

Non-swimmers, beginning swimmers and advanced swimmers are catered for according to their abilities. Basic stroke techniques, water safety and life saving techniques are taught by qualified instructors.  Education Queensland provides a small subsidy which assists with provision of swimming instruction.  You will be informed through the school newsletter, as to swimming times and costs for your child.  Parents are asked to ensure that their child has a bag for towel, clothes, etc. All items should be clearly named so that these are not lost.

Children are required to bring a note excusing them from swimming instruction on any day they cannot attend. Children will not be excused simply because they do not wish to go, as swimming is regarded as an important skill and is as much a part of the school curriculum as any other subject.  The co-operation of all parents to continue the effectiveness of swimming instruction is requested.

The Swimming Carnival is held at the end of Term 4 for students in Year 4-7.




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