School Vision

Our Vision Statement

At Alexandra Hills State School, we have a culture of high expectations with no excuses.  We believe that every child can achieve their personal best.  We are committed to providing the best educational opportunities for all.

Our dedicated and professional teaching staff work together to build and refine their skills and knowledge.  Our teachers cater for individual differences by offering multiple means for representation, engagement and expression. We apply best practice teaching methods that are innovative in our use of local and global networks to design creative learning opportunities. Great care is taken to ensure that our curriculum and pedagogy explicitly matches our community and students. 

We know that better learning comes from becoming better teachers.  We implement professional learning plans and incorporate the processes of the Developing Performance Framework, providing focused coaching and mentoring practices for all classroom staff.  School leaders and mentors provide authentic feedback to all classroom staff in the learning process with the aim of improving teaching practice and developing a world-class workforce.

Our fully differentiated curriculum, enabled by new technologies, focuses on academic, cultural, sporting and social development.  Clearly defined student profiles influence every teachers planning, delivery and reflection on what students have learnt and what they need to learn.

Teachers demonstrate a refined ability to analyse data and utilise this to inform their teaching.  Celebration of our results is a part of our cycle of understanding and responding to school data profiles. A moderation guide leads our conversations and best practice in making judgments about student assessment. Exemplar processes around moderation at the end of every unit are enhanced by our participation in Cluster Moderation.

Through the skillful delivery of focused and distinctive programs we aim for a high standard of engagement, achievement and behaviour from all students.  Classrooms are stimulating and responsive with the atmosphere adapting to the learning requirements with spaces mobile and flexible, enabling specific learning to be targeted.

We understand the knowledge and skills that need to be developed; the activities and ways students learn from the documented evidence of students’ learning and the physical and emotional setting of the classroom. Our schools Pedagogical Framework clarifies and defines what we see as important features of classroom practice and provides all staff with a common language to share about teaching and learning in our school.  Teachers are skilled at implementing the explicit professional instructional practice outlined within the framework.

We are committed to ensuring that every child has a wide variety of learning and engagement opportunities.  We value our diverse profile in the community through our Performing Arts, sporting representation and extra-curricula opportunities. 

We are an inclusive school, which values difference.  Our committed and supportive parent community participates actively in all areas of school life.  Their positive involvement in the education of their children is valued and appreciated.  The Quandamooka Community Hub provides support, assisting us to understand our indigenous connections and understandings. The Trackers PaCE workshops engage parents and community members ensuring our school is rich, vibrant and understanding of different cultural perspectives. 

We are committed to working in productive partnerships with students, parents, staff and members of the local community to further develop the school as a valued and respected community asset.   Regular and effective communication with parents and caregivers is seen as central to maintaining and extending these partnerships.  Regular celebrations are presented, establishing a tradition of the school as a hub of excellence within the Alexandra Hills Community.

We are a united school, who value success, diversity and individual’s strengths. We take pride in our achievements and being part of a valued community.





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